Key Components



Carved to perfection, the architectural marvel Shiva Temple is abode of 16 deities with Shiva lingam consecrated in Sanctum Santorum ( Garbagriha). Inspired by Khajuraho’s architecture and surrounded by the holy waters from seven holy rivers of Nepal ( SaptaGandaki) the temple radiates spiritual energy, peace and conscious serenity.


The divine Buddhist Chaitya was established with relic of Lord Buddha rested on it with special blessings.

Nava graha

Navagraha is the nine celestial bodies in Hinduism which are worshipped sacredly because they play vital role in astrology of Hindu culture and Hindu family.

shree budalinkantha

1008 Saligram silas energizes the auscpicious Budalinkantha Narayan which is placed in Kunda with constant abhisekham happening from all four directions. Because Budalinlantha is north east of Kathmandu, the temple is established at the north east (Ishan) Kona of the premise of Shashwatdham.

hanuman kshtra temple

buddha kunda

108 shivalinga



Education Centers


Based on the ancient methodology of teaching, vaidik karmakanda Gurukul aims at training young Brahmins to carry the knowledge of performing poojas, samskaras and homas in highly effective manner. The Gurukul also extends the facility of getting personal poojas and homas done along with facility to hold gathering for Samskaras like Upanayan (Sacred Thread ceremony) and Vivaha (wedding).

Along with learning rituals, pujas and homas our students as per Nepali education board from 6th to 8th standard in course of 3 year. With an aim of training the Batuks to become learned Brahmin, Gurukul takes 15- 16 students every year. Currently, there are about 45 students at Gurukul studying and living at Gurukul with support from Shashwatdham without any cost charged to students or their family.


In order to make the ancient wisdom of sages available to masses in its purest form, Shashwat Dham takes up this mission to unearth, preserve and conserve the ancient manuscripts available in Nepal. It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 manuscripts scattered all across Nepal in different institutions and private collections, unattended and undocumented. the manuscript resource center at Shashwat Dham aims to archive these manuscripts in physical as well as digital formats, and with the help of scholars from all over the world decode the wisdom in it and bring it to the masses through publication and series of lectures.


Based on the principles of ayurveda, Annapurna serves delicious cuisines for connossiers of vegetarian food, using pure organic products, which are high in prana – the vital life force that sustains our existence and nourishes the body, mind and intellect.


The center for happiness, peace and social well being, working on GurudeV Sri Sri Ravi ShanKar Ji’s mission of creating a stress free and violence free society, is open for all who are seeking a peaceful and happy life.

One can be part of our daily soul enthralling satsangs every evening or be part of our weekly happiness Programs every Monday – Saturday. also the center conducts monthly Youth Leadership training Programs, inspiring and empowering rural youth to take social responsibility and work for the betterment of rural Nepal.