From the desk of the trustee


Binod K. Chaudhary Founding Trustee, Shashwat Dham

This journey began almost two decades ago when H. H. Sri Jayendra Saraswati ji, Shankaracharya Kanchee math, came to Nepal. He informed me that although Nepal has innumerable temples it lacks good Karmakandi Pundits who are well versed with the Vedic knowledge, practices and way of life prescribed for an ideal Brahmin. He inspired me to build a temple, not just as a place of worship but rather a place that delivers true pundits who uphold and preserve the spiritual as well as religious values of the santana dharma.

That was the inception of Shashwat Dham with Vaidik Karmakanda Gurukul.

As fate and destiny would have it, few years later I came closer to my Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji. This led me to have a deeper sense and appreciation for the spirituality and values that having a guru brings into your life. I traveled with Gurudev to several different ashrams in various cities and started spending time at the art of Living international center in Bangalore, a multifaceted center with varied elements carefully crafted and guided by Gurudev himself. From everything I witnessed at these ashrams I came to a profound realization. I realized that a place in itself can create such a positive impact to so many lives all around the world making it worthy of living with a balanced value system.

Shashwat Dham, is a reflection of our inspiration as well as learnings from both these remarkable distinguished personalities of our times. At Shashwat Dham we have tried to put together some of the components and elements inspired by the teachings of our Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in our own humble way. He has not only guided us personally on all these components but also sent one of his dedicated and diligent devotee, Ashutosh Chawla ji, to develop as well as elevate it to the present level at the time of the opening from where it was. Ashutosh ji has not only played a vital role in making Shashwat Dham what it is today but is also someone who i value and has become a part of the family.

I also wish to take this opportunity to place my deep gratitude on record to H. H. Sri Jayendra Saraswati ji, Shankaracharya Kanchee math, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji and everyone else who has contributed to make Shashwat Dham as it stands today.

Many ask me – what does Shashwat Dham eventually stand for? my answer to them is that Shashwat Dham is a living center of excellence for spiritual learnings, a center for preservation of our ancient Sanatana dharmas principal elements that moulds much of our heritage. Many people around the world are deprived of the access to learn from them. These invaluable teachings of our hindu granthas which are thousands in numbers have been digitally archived by us so that they are not only available to the new generations for research and learning purposes but are also preserved from becoming extinct with the passage of time.
We regard Shashwat Dham as a beginning of a new revolution for preservation of our spiritual heritage and all the elements associated with Sanatana dharma which needs to be preserved and shared with generations to come helping them make their lives more fulfilling.

– Binod K. Chaudhary Founding Trustee Shashwat Dham